WPQuotidian (current release 0.6) is a simple plugin that displays a daily or random quote in a widget. You can use the provided text file with inspirational quotes, edit it, or upload your own. Up to 366 daily quotes with attributions are allowed, or as many random quotes as you like

Release 0.6 has been compatibility tested for WordPress 3.3.

Please note: if you have installed version 0.5 and modified the “quotes.txt” file, you should back your file up before installing the update. Then you can restore it after the update is complete.

WPQuotidian is available for download here.

If you find WPQuotidian useful, please make a donation.

Installing WPQuotidian

  1. Unzip `WPQuotidian.zip`
  2. Upload the resulting WPQuotidian folder to /wp-content/plugins directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Optionally, customize the quotes.txt file
    1. You can edit the existing file using the WordPress plugin editor interface
    2. You can also create and upload your own file
    3. Use the pipe (“|”) to separate quotations from attributions
    4. Do NOT rename the file; ONLY “quotes.txt” is recognized in this release
  5. Drag the Quotidian widget into any sidebar and assign a title (“Thought for the Day”, etc.)
  6. Select random quotes by clicking the “make random” checkbox, or daily quotes by leaving the box unchecked.
  7. Click “Save” to finish.

Or you can find it on through the WordPress admin panel and install it that way, which gets you through steps 1 and 2 above.


Can I change the quotes in the “quotes.txt” file?
Yes. Either open quotes.txt in the Plugin Editor interface and add or subtract lines, or upload your own file. Just be sure to use the pipe character (“|”) between your quote and attribution as shown in the sample quotes.txt file. Don’t change the name of quotes.txt or the plugin will not work correctly. Also, make sure there are no blank lines within or at the end of your quotes.txt file. See the note above about backing up your modified “quotes.txt” file before installing the new version.

I added or subtracted lines from quotes.txt; why did my quote change in my widget?
If you’ve chosen the daily quote option (“make random” NOT checked), WPQuotidian cycles through all the quotes in order from top to bottom of the quotes.txt file and determines today’s quote based on the day of the year and the number of lines in the file. Adding or subtracting lines from the file will cause the selected quote to fall lower or higher in the list than it did before the file was changed. If you choose the random option (“make random” checked) this does not apply.

Can I do anything about the text being in italics or the dash before the attribution?
Not for this release. If there is interest I will work on building more options into the plugin for a future release.


WPQuotidian — 4 Comments

  1. Bruce,

    I was wondering if it would be possible for the quotes to be up a bit from the title and set the alignment to left. I am using in the bottom footer which working out great and love it but would like to adjust so it flows with the other widgets/aligns. Hope that makes sense!

    Thanks for the addon!

    • Hi Rick,

      Thanks for stopping by and posting. Wow! I had left WPQuotidian for dead a while ago and had been focused on other stuff. To be honest, I’m stunned to find that not only are people still using it, there have been almost 1000 downloads! Guess it’s time for an update, eh? So I will be looking at this and some other functional upgrades in short order. I’ll definitely look into that alignment issue. I suspect it has something to do with the styling, although I don’t remember telling it to behave that way.