How I Spun My Own Web (Part One)

In previous articles in this category I’ve discussed ways you can start your personal or business web site or blog. We went through the pros and cons of using a “pre-packaged” solution like Blogger, Tumblr, or And we discussed getting your own domain, which is more expensive and time-consuming, but also gives you more control and flexibility. Now, as a sort of case study, let me take you through the process by which this site came to be. Continue reading

Your web site: Mastering your own domain

In a previous post I discussed setting up your web site or blog through an existing service on the service’s web domain, like, Blogger, or Tumblr. We went though some of the pros and cons of going in that direction. In this article I want to present an alternative approach: getting your own domain and hosting it though a web host or Internet service provider (ISP). Continue reading

The Obama Campaign Embraces Analytics

In recent weeks a job posting has been popping up across the Web for some very specialized positions within President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. I found a copy on KDnuggets, an analytics and data mining website, and a reference to the same posting in a text and data analytics group on LinkedIn. The campaign is building an Analytics Department. Conservative pundit Peggy Noonan uses this to imply that Obama has no internal compass, but there’s more to it than that. Continue reading

Introducing “Website Basics For Everybody”

In the spirit of “bridging the gap” between business and technology, I’ve launched this new post category on the site. If you’re a small business person, civic or non-profit organization, or anybody who wants to have a web site but doesn’t know where to start, I hope you’ll find this a useful resource. Starting this week I’ll be posting articles about ways you can get started, different hosting options with the pros and cons of each, and what choices I made and why. My hope is that you’ll come out of it as a better informed consumer of web hosting than when you started. So please come back often, check it out, and feel free to comment!

Mobile Business Intelligence: Advantage Tablet

Those who have followed my articles on the “Business Intelligence For Business Professionals” blog know that I’m interested in the development of mobile BI. I believe that shopping behavior with mobile devices will prove to be a bellwether of users’ behavior as BI and analytics consumers. So when I saw a brief article in the August edition of Website magazine comparing consumer experiences with tablets versus smartphones, I knew I had to dig deeper. Continue reading

Big Data, Business, And IT

“Big Data” is all the rage in business intelligence blogs and magazines at the moment. The term refers to sets of data that are very large (in the multiple terabytes and higher) and very complex (including things like free form text and multimedia). As companies begin to implement Big Data in practice, the balance of power between business and IT, which has recently shifted in favor of the business side, may shift again. Continue reading

New From Microsoft: SQL Server LocalDB

Developers who use Microsoft SQL Server Express for database development will have a new option going forward. Microsoft has announced plans for a developer-specific version of SQL Server to be called SQL Server LocalDB. Billed as a “better SQL Express,” LocalDB will be a scaled down, easier-to-manage version of SQL Express but will still allow developers to code and test all client providers supported by the full SQL Server. LocalDB will also allow the developer to work with the database as a file rather than having to attach to the server instance on the development machine.

For full details check out this MSDN blog article.