Windows 8 First Impressions

After installing Windows 8 Enterprise developer evaluation on my laptop, I took some time to tool around the interface. As advertised, this is possibly the biggest change to the franchise ever, and easily the most sweeping change to the interface since the transition from Windows 3.x to Windows 95 more than a decade and a half ago. Here are some first impressions. Continue reading

The PRIME Model and Continuous Learning

In a recent post, I introduced the PRIME model on this blog. I briefly defined PRIME and stated that it can be used to understand knowledge worker activities around business intelligence, performance management and analytics. I concluded the article by pointing toward a “generic” knowledge work that encompasses all the elements of PRIME. Now, I want to take this idea a step further by linking the model to continuous learning in organizations. Continue reading

The Cloud: Revenge of the Dumb Terminal, Part Three

In reading recently about developments in cloud computing, it occurred to me that IT has come full circle from its beginnings in the mainframe era. This is the third and last of a series of articles exploring the history of how this came about, written for the benefit of business professionals and others who may be interested in the topic. Continue reading