Indiana University Announces Data Science Program

I noted some time ago that there was a gap between business intelligence education and practice. Now, Indiana University is the latest institution seeking to bridge the gap, at least where data science is concerned.

The University’s School of Informatics and Computing announced this week that it is launching a program in data science in January that is planned to lead to a Certificate in Data Science. The twelve-credit program will consist of three-credit courses to include such areas as big data for health care, cloud computing, web and text analytics, and visualization. In an effort to make the program affordable, the University is targeting a total price point of $4,500.

The program is geared toward individuals with degrees in data-related areas, such as computer science and statistics, who have some professional experience. Courses will be available online, so students can learn at their own pace, making it perfect for professionals who are currently working in the field to upgrade their skills while still holding down their current positions. The University says it plans to be ready to award the first certificates by late spring.

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