So Long, Farewell . . .

On or about July 4, 2018 this site will no longer be live. I am no longer in the IT consulting business and it makes no sense to keep this site up and running. The domain registration will expire after July 4 and I have no intention of renewing it.

Having stated that, I realize that I probably just killed any potential value I might have extracted from someone interested in acquiring the domain name. However, if you happen to visit the site and want to obtain the domain without going through the wait process for it to be returned to the pool, feel free to contact me via the site and make an offer.


Streams and the PRIME Model

Visionary computer scientist David Gelernter recently wrote an opinion piece forĀ Wired in which he threw out this provocative proposal: the end of the Web, search, and browsers as we know them. From the tenor of comments posted on theĀ Wired web site, many people think Gelernter is mad, or on drugs. Perhaps there’s a method to this alleged drug-fueled madness. Continue reading